Born in Paris, Fifth Sense continues to make women feel better at every moment with its new collection. Models with romantic and bold tones and magnificent tones play the leading roles, becoming indispensable for the daily life of fun, dreamy and modern women.

The new collection of Fifth Sense is coming to the buyer very soon. This time, it adapts the concept of 'French Lingerie' to daily wear, revealing a more enjoyable underwear experience. A collection that can be used both as daily clothing items and where comfort is never overlooked awaits you. Swimwear & bikini and sportswear models in the brand are in demand at least as much as their underwear. Fifth Sense's beach wear line is ideal for making a difference on the beaches during the summer season!

The founder of the brand, Raquel Alhale Rodrig, summarized the nobility of French underwear, Fifth Sense, designed for you to carry comfortably on you at any time of the day, wherever you are; “We work for women. We want them to feel both happy and sexy; for themselves…"