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What is Slip Panties?

Slip designs, one of the most preferred models by women, are suitable for daily use. These designs, in which the bikini cut is applied, stand out with their comfort and stylish stance. The most popular form of the selections crowned with many textures such as lace, guipure and satin are of course cotton structures. Because the cotton texture, which allows moisture to be absorbed, allows a much healthier use. In addition, it creates a wide range of motion all day by ensuring that the hips are wrapped. Woman panties With Fifth Sense, you can discover the most special forms of slip designs that do not lose their popularity in any season. While experiencing the feeling of flexible and breathable fabrics, meet a completely different understanding of underwear with the magic of light but quite stylish details!

What are High Waist Women's Panties Models?

High waist fashion first reflected on jeans and then bikinis, and now women's panties manages to find a place in its models. These designs, which have already started to take place in many cabinets with their structure that wraps around the body, almost reveal the elegance of the old times. Underwear with a high waist cut is created by covering the lower abdomen. The designs of these selections of varying sizes are also created with a wide range of options. Logo prints, stripe details, satin fabrics and many more special textures are presented to you in women's panties selection.

What Does String Panties Mean?

Unlike slip models, the woman whose hip part is made of a narrow strip. panties models It is called a string. It is especially used with tight clothes as it does not cover the hips. Because it does not create any underwear traces and gives it a perfect appearance. Although the selection with string cut consists of synthetic and thin fabrics such as lace, care should be taken to ensure that the special area is made by cotton fabrics. Thus, irritation and diaper rash can be prevented and maximum hygiene can be achieved. Moreover, when the right size is chosen, it can help the body look much more aesthetic with its stylish stance. Woman panties Start creating orders on the Fifth Sense website right now to have the best quality and most stylish versions of the models! Even the most stylish, suitable for panties models bra Don't forget to take a look at our models.