Valentine's Day Alarm!

Sevgililer Günü Alarmı!

Valentine's Day is approaching ... Are you ready?

For us, according to Fifth Sense, Valentine's Day is the day to pamper yourself! Not for someone, but for yourself more...

He has a boyfriend, celebrate with him. We are a little away from the thought of having no boyfriend, hanging out at home.

It matters not with whom you spend Valentine's Day. Just pamper yourself .

  1. Take a vacation. February 14th is exactly Friday. Good opportunity to escape.
  2. Plan with your friends and hang up that day. Feel like you are spending time with your friends. The phone is driving us away from everyone, unfortunately!
  3. Arrange a spa day. Relax. A good massage will also take the stress of the week off your shoulders.
  4. Take a hike. What can be as relaxing in nature as breathing and listening to yourself?
  5. Pick that set from Fifth Sense to pamper yourself.

Which is your preference?

'So what will he do with his girlfriend?' we seem to hear you ask. We thought of you too, married, happy, happy woman with children or boyfriend.

Below is a pampering list:

  1. Our suggestion to take a vacation also applies to you. How would you like to escape to a romantic city with your lover? We would like to remind you that it coincides with Friday, February 14th.
  2. A romantic dinner? Is it too cliché? What if you prepare the food? Still too cliché? Then run to the store. Grab his favorite snacks, pour them into bowls, write a post-it about each of them and stick them on the bowls. Don't forget to write something funny.
  3. Turn off your phones. Spend time together and enjoy the day. Explore the places you go every day without a phone, just by listening to each other.
  4. Treat yourself with your favorite team from Fifth Sense ... We want you to always feel good.

Happy Valentine's Day strong, sexy and trendy women of Fifth Sense . We enjoy getting to know you!

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